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[muttaqi] Tawarruk and Iftirshah in Salah

bismillâh ir-rahmân ir-rahîm
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

AsSalam Alaikum warahmatullah.

Begin with all praise is due to Allah s.w.t, we seek his help and we ask for His foregiveness. And we seek refuge from Allah s.w.t from the evil of ourselves and for the evil consequence of our evil actions. Whomsoever Allah s.w.t guides, there is none to misguide, and whomsoever Allah s.w.t leaves to fall astray, there is none to guide. And I testify that there is no diety that is worthy of worship accept Allah s.w.t and Muhammad s.a.w is His last and final messenger. After that, the best speech is the book of Allah s.w.t and the best guidance is Muhammad s.a.w. And the worst of all the affairs are the matters that are newly introduced in the religion. Every matter that is newly introduced is an innovation, all of the innovation is misguidance, all of the misguidance is going astray, and all the going astray is in the fire.

Just abit of something that we ought to respond to. Manners that is performed in our solah(prayers) and how it should be done, Allahu'alam. May Allah Azza Wa Jal increase us in knowledge and our Eeman to practise this deen, Ameen(may it be so).

Note: The manner of performing the prayer is same for men and women. So the following is valid for all i.e both for men and women

What is Tawarruk ?
To sit in such a manner that the left shin is not under the left thigh, shifting it towards the right, with the buttocks on the ground.

i.e the tawarruk position is when a person sits with the left posterior (buttock) on the ground; his right foot placed vertically with toes pointing towards the qibla; and the left foot on its side emerging from under the right foot.

Position of Tawarruk in Salah:

Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) was asked in Liqa' al-Baab il-Maftooh: When should a worshipper sit mutawarrikan in prayer, and in which prayers?

He replied: Tawarruk is done in the final tashahhud of every prayer that has two tashahhuds, i.e., the last tashahhud in Maghrib, and in 'Isha', and in 'Asr, and in Zuhr. As for the two-rak'ah prayers, such as Fajr, and the regular Sunnah prayers, there is no tawarruk in them. So tawarruk is only in the last tashahhud of every prayer that has two tashahhuds.

What is Iftirash?

Iftirash means to place the left foot on the ground and sit on its ankle, while keeping the right foot standing vertically on its toes, which are pointed towards the direction of prayer.

When to sit for Iftirshah

"when the Prophet (Salllahi alahi wasallam) sat after two rak`ahs, he would sit on his left foot and stand up his right foot [i.e., sit in iftirash], and when he sat in the last rak`ah, he moved his left leg forward, stood up his right foot, and sat on his buttock [i.e., sat in tawarruk]." (Bukhari and others)

The wisdom behind these two positions

Imam Nawawi says that one of the wisdoms behind these two manners of sitting is that it is easier to stand up from the iftirash position than the tawarruk position, so the iftirash position was legislated for points in the prayer that have to be stood up from, and the tawarruk position was legislated for the final sitting in order to encourage one to sit for a long time and make much supplication to Allah in the final sitting.

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Fi Amanillah