Thursday, February 26, 2009

illaliqa`! InsyaAllah!

Bismillah, Alhamdulillah

Verily all praises and gratitude to Allah Azza Wa Jal for all the countless blessings which He bestowed upon us, Alhamdulillah. May all of our ibadah which is done sincerely for the pleasure of Allah s.w.t is accepted by Him Azza Wa Jal, Ameen. I pray to Him s.w.t, for all the donations and contributions to be rewarded abundantly and may He Azza Wa Jal keep granting us hidayah and shower His blessings upon us, Ameen.

Pardon me for not being able to express my thanks and gratitude in which I should be, whereby only Allah s.w.t can reward you for your deeds and generosity. Alhamdulillah, He s.w.t has granted us the opportunity to provide help to those who are in need and to recieve help from those who gave them by Allah's will. This is truly a blessing from Allah s.w.t.

Allah, the Exalted, says:

Say: "Truly, my Lord enlarges the provision for whim He wills of His slaves, and (also) restricts (it) for him, and whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allah's Cause), He will replace it."[Surah Saba’(34), Ayat(verse) 39]

"Not upon you (Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) is their guidance, but Allah guides whom He wills. And whatever you spend in good, it is for yourselves, when you spend not except seeking Allah's Countenance. And whatever you spend in good, it will be repaid to you in full, and you shall not be wronged." [Surah Al Baqarah (2), Ayat(verse) 272]

"(Charity is) for Fuqara (the poor), who in Allah's Cause are restricted (from travel), and cannot move about in the land (for trade or work). The one who knows them not, thinks that they are rich because of their modesty. You may know them by their mark, they do not beg of people at all. And whatever you spend in good, surely, Allah knows it well." [Surah Al Baqarah (2), Ayat(verse) 273]

JazakumulLahu Khairan wa BarakAllahu feekum ya ikhwani fidden!
(May Allah s.w.t reward you all and May Allah s.w.t bless all of you oh my brothers in Islam!)

May Allah Azza Wa Jal guide us to this straight and righteous path, Ameen.

May we meet again, insyaAllah.

I apologize if I have offended or hurt any of you, I pray that May Allah s.w.t showers His mercy upon us all and may we be with those whom are guided, ameen

May Allah Azza Wa Jal forgive me for my shortcomings and I ask him to make us steadfast in this Deen-ul-Islam, Ameen ya Rabb.

Fi Amanillah,
Wassalamu'alaikum wa rahmatulLahi wa barakatuh.

Muhammad Zakwan ibn Zek ibn Yakin